Monday, December 27, 2010

Dealer Profile

“Another GOOD Year…Steady, Reliable Sales….we’re anticipating a 15% increase in wood stove sales over last year”, these positive comments are not wishes they are based on real business results at Rocky Mountain Stove & Fireplace in Lakewood, Colorado.

Founded in1989, Rocky Mountain Stove & Fireplace was acquired in 1999 by long-time employee Ryan Carpenter and expanded over the years to display the largest selection of stoves, fireplaces and barbecues in the Denver Metro Area. Over 23 Morso wood stoves are available, as they have become a popular contemporary wood stove choice, as well as a green living favorite. Stoves have been give center stage, as opposed to signage as Carpenter wants to create a living-room environment the radiates warmth.

When asked what factors contribute to his business’ continual growth and increased profitability, Carpenter attributes this positive momentum to his company’s outstanding repeat customer base and a solid referral network: “We highly value our long term customer relationships and always deliver on price and service.”

While Carpenter does some advertising online and in print, along with monthly SEO (Search Engine Optimization), he has tracked primary sales generation to existing relationships. Moreover, emails have become the preferred method of communication for customer relations and an easy way for sales contacts to develop a connection to new store visitors and professionals.

Also, this dealer’s website - – serves as an online showplace with detailed product descriptions, specifications, and images. The ongoing SEO investment has secured top ranking and access to a wide-reaching customer base. In addition, Rocky Mountain Stove & Fireplace is now experimenting with social media communications that include a News Blog, Green Living wood burning stoves Blog, and even Facebook Fan page.

Carpenter believes that consistency, top-notch customer service, and long-term customer contact are the essential ingredients to his retail success

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texas Tech University Sustainable Cabin

The above images are from Texas Tech's Sustainable Cabin Gains Recognition in Architectural Publications video.

This video shows the Texas Tech University sustainable cabin, designed and built by architect students, to serve as a green research design laboratory at the The Pease River Foundation in Crowell, TX. In support of this green living experiential learning project Morso contributed the energy efficient 3142 wood stove, made from high grade cast-iron using 98% recycled material.

Click here to watch the video.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Green “ In the News” Stories with Morso Wood Stoves

The above image link is at Dwell .com.. The published photo can be seen in the Dwell Magazine Dec/Jan 2010 page 72.

Admiring beautifully designed homes and cottages filled with thoughtful home decorating treasures online or in favorite magazines is a leisure pastime enjoyed by millions, including us. Especially when we turn a page or pull up a blog article and discover one of our very own Morso wood stoves in brilliant color.

This “oh so sweet” moment happened recently when we read two incredible green design stories on opposite coasts. While admiring the amazing photography we spied two of our energy efficient wood stove models. Follow the links below so that you too can enjoy these green leader home design stories.

6148: InHabit

2B: Dwell

Also, in addition to sharing these green news stories we also want to remind you that Morso actively supports sustainable building and living. As members, we support the great work taking place at the US Green Build Council .

We are also part of the Green Thinker Network

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accessorize Your Morso Wood Stove with Original Hearth Accents & Tools

Whether ablaze or waiting ready the Morso wood stoves and fireplace inserts are impressively beautiful. Nevertheless, they need not stand alone. With original accessories you can surround yourself with artistically inspired, yet highly durable and functional, Morso cast iron hearth tools.

The Morso fireside accessory collection includes tea kettles, trivet, log holder, and fire tool sets. There are also - can’t do without –necessities, such as our canvas wood carrier, leather glove, flue gas thermometer, wood moisture meter, and maintenance products.

According to Danish Art Icon Monica Ritterband, “Every hearth and home should be functional yet full of humor”. We couldn’t agree more and a whimsical outcome of our winning creative collaboration with Monica Ritterband is a delightful line of warm playful FEET hearth accessories.

If you are drawn to multi-use accents, you’re sure to enjoy our trivet and humidifier kettles. You’ll have a nice hot tea kettle awaiting hearthside when your family or guests come in from the cold.

During the Season of Giving, add original Morso accessories to your gift list. A Monica Ritterband designed FEET log holder or FEET Tool Set will shine near every wood stove and your gift will become an all-time favorite.

You can purchase these eye-catching cast iron hearth accessories at a Morso dealer near you. click here

To see Morso accessories online, visit

Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Green Living Wood Stove Check List

Buying a wood stove is much like buying furniture. As you search online or visit retail hearth and fireplace dealers you find a wide choice of wood stoves, including antique, traditional, classic and modern. While narrowing down your list of favorite designs and styles, you also want to consider the environment.
In addition to researching the right size, heating capacity and look of your wood stove, compare the green qualities of each stove.

Here are five eco-wise tips:

1. Similar to grocery shopping, seek out the equivalent of an “Organic Section” in your local fireplace store to compare eco-wise content among the preferred green-savvy stoves.

2. Look for an eco-friendly seal and a recycled ingredients label that lists the many ways that a stove manufacturer has gone the extra mile to produce the highest quality and most energy efficient wood stove, possible.

3. Only consider approved wood stoves equipped with a non-catalytic combustion system that exceeds EPA standards and are currently tax credit qualified, until December 31, 2010..

4. Download educational videos that demonstrate how to fully realize the renewable benefits of local wood energy, without beginner missteps or old-school methods. There are five free videos that teach how to choose, install, operate, maintain, and fuel your wood stove that are available on, Facebook, and YouTube.

5. Review stove manufacturers’ literature and web sites to learn more about the company’s recycling, clean-burning technology and company-wide conservation practices.

Also, if you are thinking about buying a second-hand wood stove or using a hand-me-down family wood stove, you should know that a 10-year old or older stove might not measure up to today’s EPA standards, which means it’s time to invest in a new high-performance wood stove. This simple change can minimize your carbon footprint, reduce fossil fuel use, lower your heating costs and even enhance your home value.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Morso 5660 and 7644 Share Wall Street Journal Spotlight

Here is a nice Morso testimonial from the October 19th Wall Street Journal article "Drafty Fireplaces Meet Their Match" By GWENDOLYN BOUNDS:

Andrew Weiss took advantage of the credit this spring when he and his partner Marc Osterweil installed a modern wood-burning stove insert from Danish manufacturer Morso into their 105-year-old home's fireplace. "At first we loved it," Mr. Weiss says of the old fireplace. But as fuel costs rose, "I began to wish it were a source of heat versus a source of expense."

Learn more about the Morso 5660 fireplace insert click here

To read complete WSJ article or view slide show click here

Wood Stove Tax Credit Expires December 31st

The Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency is slated to expire on December 31, 2010. Fortunately, last minute tax credit shoppers will find a large selection of Morsø’s tradition to contemporary cast-iron stoves that meet or even exceed the thermal efficiency rating of at least 75%.

Not surprising, many homeowners who are eager to add an energy efficient wood stove are heeding the deadline warning and visiting authorized Morso dealers to purchase a qualified wood-burning Morsø stove to save $1500, before it is too late.

To qualify for this credit, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the following qualifications:

➢ To be considered, a stove must use the burning of biomass fuel to heat a dwelling unit or to heat water for use in such a dwelling unit, and have a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% as measured using a lower heating value.

➢ Installation is covered, as long as it is a requirement for the stove’s proper and safe functioning.

➢ This consumer tax credit is 30% (up to $1500) for the purchase and installation of a 75% efficient stove, and is available until December 31, 2010.

➢ The tax credit is an aggregate, i.e., the total $1500 can include other energy efficient items. For instance, if a consumer claims $900 on a new stove, then he will have $600 to purchase additional energy saving products in the same tax year.

➢ If a taxpayer uses the entire $1500 tax credit on a competing product then they cannot use it for a biomass stove in that same tax year.

➢ This credit applies only to existing principle residences.

➢ Manufacturers must provide a certificate of qualification for each product.

➢ Taxpayers must retain the certification statement for tax record-keeping purposes, but the certification is not required to be attached to the tax return;

Whether you’re motivated by the green living benefits of naturally warm wood energy, flame-side ambience, or fall in love with a particular cast-iron wood stove style, this is the right time to buy a new high performance wood stove. Lowering energy costs, supporting local businesses, and taking advantage of a $1500 tax credit, are all great reasons to buy a Morso wood stove today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dealer Profile

Rich’s for the Home President Larry Chapman started his wood stove business in 1979 after receiving an encouraging business tip from his sister Ann. Thirty-one years later, his tiny wood stove shop has grown into five Seattle-metro stores selling woodstoves, hot tubs and outdoor furniture. Along the way, his wife Marianne, son Jon and daughter Jennifer became a big part of this thriving family business.

Now in there third season as a Morsø dealer Rich’s for the Home has both a newcomer’s brand perspective, as well as a seasoned hearth dealer experience. To learn more about this dealers wood stove marketing and promotions we talked with son Jon Chapman, who leads corporate operations.

Q: Describe your experience with the Morsø brand?
A: Three years ago we started with four Morsø stoves on display and have now increased inventory to over a dozen different models. We have been pleased with the Morsø sales and continue to have high expectations. In fact, last year we sold out of the 5660 fireplace insert due to high word-of-mouth referrals. This year we built the insert into displays at every location.

Q: How has the economy affected your business?
A: Fortunately, our wood stoves sales have been strong last year and again this year which has balanced out a decline in some of the other product lines. However, the economy has changed the way we market and promote our five locations and brands. We have eliminated some long-standing traditional advertising, such as the Yellow Pages, while ramping up e-mail and internet promotions.

Q: How are you using the internet to market your business.
A: We have a website, blog, and Facebook Fan page. In addition we use Twitter, banner ads, and pay-per-click advertising to increase brand awareness and advertise special offers.

Q: What advertising program do you currently have running? To increase Morsø brand awareness we have been running a TV spot for the last few weeks. I firmly believe that wood stoves are a must-see item so I opted for TV as opposed to radio. Also, in support our TV campaign Morsø US secured a wood stove feature and brand advertising in the September/October Northwest Living Magazine. Additionally, we are planning another “Last Chance for Fair Pricing” promotion, along with ongoing e-mail and internet campaigns.

A: We are also exhibiting 13 Morsø stoves in our 40’ x 80’ booth at the state fair this month. The Puyallup Fair is the largest single attraction held annually in the state of Washington, and ranks in the top ten largest fairs in the US. Over 1.3 million people will be attending this event.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Homeowners Warm up to Renewable Wood Zone Heating

Zone heating can add up to real savings, particularly in large homes where fuel costs can be quite expensive. While it may seem like a challenge to heat a home in a cost-effective manner, the right Morsø wood stove in your prime living space can vastly improve your home center (no more hats or mittens rule, before turning up the thermostat).
Morsø wood stoves are designed specifically as a secondary zone heating source to keep the most used rooms cozy and warm, while lowering overall fuel costs. Wood stove owners who have selected a stove for zone heating, typically realize an energy cost savings of 20 -30%.
Calculate your future savings with the HPBA fuel-efficiency calculator

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hands-On Learning Gives Morsø Dealers the Inside Advantage

In the showroom where wood stoves blaze, it’s certainly not easy to show the inside stove components when comparing quality and durability. Dealers who know a product from inside out have a clear sales advantage. Which is exactly why, Morsø invites their most motivated dealers and sales representatives to Denmark.

The common saying “seeing is believing”, rings true when it comes to Morsø. While most dealers certainly educate themselves, not too many can say they actually say they learned first hand from a wood stove craftsman.

John King of Hearthlink International, VT led a dealer trip last year. He explains the value of this type of dealer eduction:
“Morsø does a fantastic job organizing, entertaining, and demonstrating to dealers the quality differences that make their cast-iron wood stoves unique. We worked with craftsmen, toured historic farmhouses with turn-of-the century Morsø wood stoves, and really got to know the product, from the inside out”.

Morsø encourages Dealers to participate in Dealer Week promotions as a sales incentive and ultimate hearth education adventure. “Our dealers who visit Denmark walk away with a better understanding and respect for the Morsø tradition, quality and efficiency standards, and wide-range of stove designs,” explains Morso USA President Craig Shankster.

John Sullivan, Owner of Energy Unlimited of NE in Wayland, MA was a return visitor to Denmark. He describes his experience on the dealer trip: “ “It was really great to return, I was impressed that my input in regard to how products are received in the US and future product ideas was invited and appreciated.”

Lauri Kennedy who operates the family-owned Cracker Mill Hearth & Emporium in Shokan, NY with her husband Sean and parents, Jerry and Janet Wemple, found that visiting the Morsø factory, learning about the company’s history, and meeting the staff served to strengthen confidence in the Morsø brand: “Touring the factory and seeing first-hand the care and commitment that goes into making each unit deepened the pride we have in representing the Morsø brand here in the United States.”

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Morsø Educational Videos

When it comes to the environment, even the newest cutting-edge wood stove needs its operator’s assistance to achieve energy-efficient, smoke-free performance. That is exactly why, Morsø has produced five - easy-to-follow - educational videos that teach novices and experienced wood stove operators the eco-wise in’s and out’s of wood stove selection, installation, lighting, maintenance, as well as wood fuel quality, seasoning, and storage.

Morsø is freely distributing these green-smart videos to teach owners and future wood stove buyers “how to” fully realize the renewable benefits of local wood energy in a responsible environmentally respectful manner, without beginner missteps or old-school methods.

View these videos on our Facebook page & remember to visit our new website, launching in September!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well-designed classic with beautiful curves

The Morsø 6100-series are simple in design, yet timeless in style. Comprising of four models - 6140 on low base, 6143 oval pillar, 6148 sculptural pedestal, and poised 6170 wall-mounted - these high performing, elegantly-designed wood stoves heat up to 1000 ft”.

Tax credit qualified, the Morsø 6100-series, constructed with high quality 98% recycled cast iron, offers low emissions (4.1 grams/hr) and an outside-air capability makes the 6100 compliant with Washington State requirements. The maximum heat output is 30,000 BTUs/hr.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Morso Dealer Profile

Superior Saw in Mason, Michigan, is unique in that it is both a hearth retailer and a supplier of tree and arbor products. Owner Brian Cady prefers a hand’s on approach to demonstrating wood stove operations, and that also includes cutting, splitting, and stacking all of the wood he burns in his 5400 sq ft saw and stove shop. Cady even learned about the Morso quality difference by assembling a stove and touring the factory, when he and his wife Jennifer visited Denmark last as part of the August Dealer Trip promotion.

To give his customers a better feel for the heat output and log size requirements, he has chosen to burn the 8150 and 8147 stoves, and uses an unlit installed 2B classic to attract attention near the door. Cady estimates that he stocks almost half of Morso’s US product line. While Superior Saw has a steady steam of business year round, there has been a pleasant up tick in Morsø stove sales lately from more affluent customers in neighboring communities.

Visit Superior Saw at:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Texas Tech Students Install Morso 3142 in Green Research & Design Sustainable Cabin

The College of Architecture at Texas Tech University has successfully installed their student-built sustainable cabin - complete with a Morsø 3142 wood stove - on the grounds of the Pease River Foundation in Crowell, TX. This project involved the construction of a prefabricated self-sustaining cabin to be used as a laboratory to test and quantify sustainable architectural concepts, and to help future architects make key design decisions.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Even Paradise needs to keep warm!

Located in Hilo, Hawaii, a coastal town on the Island of Hawaii (sometimes called the Big Island), The Fireplace and Home Center is proudly celebrating their 30th anniversary. For owners Sally and Jeffrey Mermel, it was a simple request back in 1979 that sparked the beginning of their successful hearth business - Sally wanted a fireplace. Jeffrey explains, “To get Sally to move to Volcano from Hilo and marry me, she said my house would need a fireplace, so I ordered one for the house and one to sell in my gift shop.”

Today, three decades later in a storefront next to their Most Irresistible gift shop, the Mermel’s are passionately touting the cozy, warm virtues of beautiful Morsø stoves. We congratulate and applaud the Mermel’s on their long-time business and marriage success, and view them as wonderful role models for the new generation of Morsø hearth dealers and green supply retailers who are just starting out and looking forward.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Compact, Modern 3100- series Ideal Zone Heating Solution

The charming Morsø 3100-series incorporates all the best features associated with the Morsø brand; high quality, timeless style and high fuel efficiency. Compact in size the 3100-series is ideal for small space and zone heating applications, its even mobile home approved. Available in a choice of convection – smooth sides- or radiant model with fine ribbed pattern.

The tax credit qualified Morsø 3142 and 3112 are constructed with high quality 98% recycled cast iron and heats up to 1000 ft². Incredibly low emissions (3.1 grams/hr) and outside air readiness make the 3100-series compliant with Washington State requirements.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Consider Morsø as Your “Organic Section” When Shopping For a Wood Burning Stove

Imagine for a moment your hearth or green supply store is much like the vegetable section of your supermarket. You have many varieties of fresh products; you may even have two or three choices of the same product. However, your preferred high quality, unmodified favorites are located in the “Organic Section”.

Now consider Morsø as your “Organic Section” when shopping for a wood burning stove. Like any organically grown product, it’s always wise to read the label. When it comes to wood stoves and the environment, you’ll find that Morsø has gone the extra mile to produce the highest quality and energy efficient wood stove, possible. Recycling initiatives and dedicated crafts people make sure that the Morsø ingredients in every stove are environmentally friendly, durable; and they have certainly not been “modified" to meet a particular price.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a clean and safe environment, the user must also make certain that they operate the stove correctly. When a Morsø stove is used as recommended, you should not see smoke from the chimney.

In order to avoid unwanted smoke, you need to follow these fundamental steps:
  • Make sure your chimney is the correct size in relation to the stove. A good chimney draw is essential for optimum combustion. 
  • Never burn waste, cardboard packaging, printed matter or wood that has been painted or in some other way treated
  • Make sure the wood is clean and dry. Moisture Content of max 16-20% gives the best and cleanest combustion (and also less soot on the glass...)
  • Never overfill the stove and avoid using oversized pieces of fuel.
  • Oxygen is extremely important for maintaining clean combustion and good fuel economy. Before the wood carbonizes (reaches the charcoal stage) always provide adequate oxygen.
    • Never fully close the primary air immediately after adding fresh fuel. When extended burn periods are required, always ensure the fire is well established with a good bed of glowing coals in the firebox before closing the primary air.

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Morsø Keeps Cold Out With Promising Back-up Security

    Heating costs are typically the highest and most variable home expenses, which is why many homeowners are taking advantage of the tax credit to lower overall heating costs with energy- efficient Morsø wood stoves.
    Mother Nature has also given homeowners cause to add a supplementary heating source. When ice or snow downs power lines, homes with Morsø stoves are cozy and warm, with no worry of frozen pipes.

    With the introduction of two new Zero-Clearance Enclosures, almost any home can now enjoy high-performance and wood fuel independence. An excellent option for homeowners looking to update their homes with the advanced technology of a Morsø 5660 fireplace insert and class A chimney. Made in the USA, the Morsø 5660 Zero-Clearance Enclosure is designed to be framed into the home and when finished off properly leaves a clean, flat-wall appearance.

    Save money and don’t risk being powerless in the cold. Now is the right time to make this life-warming home improvement investment. Morsø has a large selection of compact, modern styled, cast-iron wood stoves.

    All Morsø stoves achieve high fuel efficiency through advanced wood combustion techniques. In the U.S. all Morsø stove models qualify for the IRS consumer tax credit of 30% (up to $1500) available for the purchase and installation of a 75% efficient biomass stove, available through the end of 2010.

    Monday, April 5, 2010

    Morsø Dealer Profile

    Southern Hearth and Patio was awarded the 2010 Small Business Award by the Chattanooga, TN Area Chamber of Commerce in February. With a mission to offer Chattanoogans a more enjoyable lifestyle indoors and out with environmentally friendly, EPA-certified technologies fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and furniture, Southern Hearth and Patio also serves up first-class customer service and highly-skilled in-house, technical service.

    Starting with only two employees, a pickup truck and a dream, Clay Dennis, along with his wife Charlotte, launched Southern Hearth and Patio in 2000 out of a 3,500-square-foot space. The company has grown to more than seven employees and expanded into a Lee Highway location that is almost triple the size of the original site. Southern Hearth & Patio displays and stocks many Morsø models, along with hearth pads and accessories, available for purchase online and retail.

    Visit Southern Hearth and Patio at:

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    Monica and Morsø Win Design Award

    The Morsø 7600, designed by Monica Ritterband, has won the prestigious Red Dot international design award 2010

    What have Apple, Audi, BMW, B&O and Monica Ritterband got in common?
    Answer: They have all won what is probably the design world’s most prestigious award: the “Red Dot Design Award”, which each year sees entries from several thousand companies from around 60 countries.

    This year’s award in the “Product Design” category was won by the Danish wood-burning stove, the Morsø 7600, designed by Monica Ritterband.

    When voting, the Red Dot jury put particular emphasis on quality, functionality, user friendliness and, above all, innovation. Monica Ritterband’s new Morsø 7600 wood-burning stove was in a league of its own with its circular shape, round feminine transitions, enormous glass window combined with indestructible cast iron. These unique design elements give the stove a personal style with a soft, organic touch.

    The stove, which bears the Nordic Swan eco-label, is based on the convection principle and offers fantastically clean and effective combustion. It is both logical and easy to use, as the stove’s air intake – and therefore combustion and heat – controlled by a single handle.

    The Morsø 7600 is already a huge sales success in Europe, the USA, Japan and South Africa. In the USA it was launched at the famous HPBA fair, where it was nominated for “The Vesta Award”, wood-burning stoves’ equivalent of the Oscars.

    Morsø’s wood-burning stoves are marketed across the country via selected fireplace centres. The Morsø 7600 is available in four versions: on a base with drawer, with feet and drawer, on a pedestal and wall-mounted. All four versions have won the award and the title “The Red Dot Design award 2010”.

    Monica Ritterband’s reaction to the good news:
    “Oops, now the bar’s been raised – it’s something else to live up to in the future… And yes, I’m secretly cheering! ”

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Supporting a Green Built Future

    Morso USA has recently joined The U.S. Green Building Council, a 501(c) (3) non-profit community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone within a generation.

    While Morso US is a new national USGBC member, many authorized Morso dealers - -are active members in their local USGBC chapters. Supporting a green built future is one of the many steps Morso is taking to fulfill their “thinking-green” mission that includes recycling, company-wide conservation practices, and advancing clean-burning technology.

    The USGBC and local chapters have the important responsibility of certifying a green building, administering LEED certification, as well as hosting professional and community educational courses, workshops, and networking events. Members include architects, designers, builders, environmental educators, green building material/furnishing manufacturers, and many other green building related service providers.

    Craig Shankster, president of Morso NA, describes a few ways that this green-wise wood stove manufacturer demonstrates environmentally-responsible practices. “Instead of using high-tech machinery to build new high-quality cast iron wood stoves, highly trained individuals handcraft each stove using 98 percent recycled material. Eighty percent of the energy consumed at the Morso production facility in Denmark comes from renewable sources -- 69 percent wind and 11 percent bio gas -- and the Morso U.S. Portland, TN headquarters’ electric power is also generated from 100 percent renewable energy.”

    Monday, February 8, 2010

    Is New Really Better than Old?

    In design and fashion, old becomes new, trends become fads, and then fads become old-fashioned again. The hearth world is not so fast moving or complex. The term OLD is not related to the stoves’ appearance or design style, it describes an antiquated fire -box combustion technology and/or manufacturing practices that are outdated, inefficient, and possibly an environmental concern.

    When it comes to wood stoves, NEW is definitely better. And 75% or greater efficiency is a must, not only because it qualifies for an up to $1500 IRS tax credit, but because it keep our air cleaner with lower particle emissions and reduces the amount of wood burned through advanced combustion performance.

    However, it’s important to differentiate that – Morso- an almost 157 year-old stove manufacturer; with a rich history, can also be an innovative leader that is producing some of the world’s most environmentally advanced- new -cast iron wood stoves on the market today. Their “thinking-green” mission includes powering the lion share of manufacturing with renewable wind energy, using 98% recycled cast-iron, and recycling wherever possible.

    Yet, in the case of Morso there are some long held traditions that are still embraced. Instead of using high-tech machinery to build your new wood stove, highly trained individuals handcraft each stove as if it were going into their own home. The loyal and proud human resource at Morso - from manufacturing right through delivery - cares greatly about quality standards, environmental impact, and the satisfaction of their customers worldwide. Another historic practice, that sets Morso apart, is the commissioning of world renowned designers to create some of their most admired wood burning stoves. Most recently, Danish art icon Monica Ritterband applied her elegant and refined, yet simple and direct style to the modern, contemporary Morso 7600-series.

    While decade’s birthdays do deserve extra recognition, if your wood stove is turning 10 or more, you really need to evaluate its performance and compliance in terms of today’s EPA standards. If your aging stove is not environmentally sound, this may be the right year to change-out your old wood stove for a new energy efficient Morso model. Depending on where you live, your state may already offer a wood stove change-out incentive; if not the IRS consumer tax credit that expires December 31st should be motivating.

    Go to and check out the great selection of high performance, energy-efficient wood stoves. You’ll be able to find the best stove for your home, no matter the size or décor preference.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    All Morso Stoves Qualify for Tax Credit

    The IRS consumer tax credit of 30% (up to $1500) for the purchase and installation of a 75% efficient stove is available though the end of 2010. All Morso US wood stoves are qualified. Your local Morso dealer - - can provide you with the manufacturer’s certificate of qualification along with your sales receipt.

    To qualify for this credit, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the following qualifications:

    • To be considered, a stove must use the burning of biomass fuel to heat a dwelling unit or to heat water for use in such a dwelling unit, and have a thermal efficiency rating of at least 75% as measured using a lower heating value.
    • Installation is covered, as long as it is a requirement for the stove’s proper and safe functioning.
    • This consumer tax credit is 30% (up to $1500) for the purchase and installation of a 75% efficient stove, and is available in both 2009 and 2010.
    • The tax credit is an aggregate, i.e., the total $1500 can include other energy efficient items. For instance, if a consumer claims $900 on a new stove, then he will have $600 to purchase additional energy saving products in the same tax year.
    • If a taxpayer uses the entire $1500 tax credit on a competing product then they cannot use it for a biomass stove in that same tax year.
    • This credit applies only to existing principle residences.
    • Manufacturers must provide a certificate of qualification for each product.
    • Taxpayers must retain the certification statement for tax record-keeping purposes, but the certification is not required to be attached to the tax return

    To learn more about Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency visit:

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    No past... No future

    At the beginning of the 1930s, the sculptor Constantin Sørensen created the impressive radiant Morsø 2B classic stove, featuring Morsø’s well-known squirrel and oak leaves decoration. Today, many decades later, the 2B Classic is still in great demand. With its almost stately appearance, this cast iron wood stove is perfect for historical, cottage or farm style homes. The Morsø 2B classic stove's special feature is its combustion chamber, which can accommodate extra long fuel measuring up to 18”. Of course today's Morsø 2B classic stoves have completely updated combustion technology. With a 75%+ efficiency rating (as measured by LHV) this lasting wood burning treasure meets today's stringent environmental requirements.

    To see more antique styled Morsø classic stoves click here: