Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Morsø Educational Videos

When it comes to the environment, even the newest cutting-edge wood stove needs its operator’s assistance to achieve energy-efficient, smoke-free performance. That is exactly why, Morsø has produced five - easy-to-follow - educational videos that teach novices and experienced wood stove operators the eco-wise in’s and out’s of wood stove selection, installation, lighting, maintenance, as well as wood fuel quality, seasoning, and storage.

Morsø is freely distributing these green-smart videos to teach owners and future wood stove buyers “how to” fully realize the renewable benefits of local wood energy in a responsible environmentally respectful manner, without beginner missteps or old-school methods.

View these videos on our Facebook page & remember to visit our new website, launching in September!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well-designed classic with beautiful curves

The Morsø 6100-series are simple in design, yet timeless in style. Comprising of four models - 6140 on low base, 6143 oval pillar, 6148 sculptural pedestal, and poised 6170 wall-mounted - these high performing, elegantly-designed wood stoves heat up to 1000 ft”.

Tax credit qualified, the Morsø 6100-series, constructed with high quality 98% recycled cast iron, offers low emissions (4.1 grams/hr) and an outside-air capability makes the 6100 compliant with Washington State requirements. The maximum heat output is 30,000 BTUs/hr.