Monday, December 6, 2010

Green “ In the News” Stories with Morso Wood Stoves

The above image link is at Dwell .com.. The published photo can be seen in the Dwell Magazine Dec/Jan 2010 page 72.

Admiring beautifully designed homes and cottages filled with thoughtful home decorating treasures online or in favorite magazines is a leisure pastime enjoyed by millions, including us. Especially when we turn a page or pull up a blog article and discover one of our very own Morso wood stoves in brilliant color.

This “oh so sweet” moment happened recently when we read two incredible green design stories on opposite coasts. While admiring the amazing photography we spied two of our energy efficient wood stove models. Follow the links below so that you too can enjoy these green leader home design stories.

6148: InHabit

2B: Dwell

Also, in addition to sharing these green news stories we also want to remind you that Morso actively supports sustainable building and living. As members, we support the great work taking place at the US Green Build Council .

We are also part of the Green Thinker Network

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