Friday, September 25, 2009

Responsible Wood Burning

It is important to know how to burn wood responsibly and correctly in a stove or fireplace. Responsible wood burning will provide efficient and economical home heating — as well as reduce your home energy costs and protect your neighborhood air quality.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Assembly- Line Nuptials Celebrated Across Denmark via TV & Newspaper

It almost sounds like a tall tale. Why would a Wisconsin couple choose to walk down the aisle of a production line in a 156-year old Morsø cast-iron wood stove factory to unite in marriage?

According to the newlyweds, “it was a place that mattered to us, with the best people in the world, and the right place to make this important commitment to each other.” This former iron foundry and regal Scandinavian wood stove purveyor sparked deep sentiment within Ernest because it represents his life-long passion, which he now shares with the love-of-his-life Debra.

Ernest established the Great American Chimney & Masonry on 1902 S. Stoughton Road in Madison in 1977 and Debra joined as office manager two years ago. Originally, when Ernest got down on his knee and proposed to Debra, the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. However, when Morsø invited the couple to Denmark, as part of a Dealer Week trip that recognized top performing Morsø dealerships, the idea of a traditional Danish wedding seemed very right.

Morsø US President Craig Shankster smiles when he recalls Ernest and Debra’s unusual request, “I’m frequently asked by dealer to make special arrangement, but it typically has to do with wood stove orders - nothing as personal as a wedding”.

Shankster discussed the wedding ceremony request with Morsø Denmark leadership and was pleased to hear welcome approval of an American wedding at Morsø on the Isle of Mors on August 27th.

Debra explains that she and Ernest felt passionately that their wedding and marriage was a significant milestone that need to be remarkable. As cancer survivors, they really understood the importance of living every day to its fullest potential.

While viewers of the TV news story - - watched a lovely mature wedding service, the Morsø employees and dealers reveled in delight as this extraordinary couple embraced the future together with laughter and joy by walking down production line #4 as husband and wife.

Both Debra and Ernest gush with pride when describing the magic of their traditional Danish wedding, which included hopping over a horseshoe decorated with Chrysanthemum flowers, taking a ride around Nykøbing Mors in a 1950’s Ford chauffeured by a local gentleman in a Derby cap, and watching Ernest be tipped upside down while having the toe of his sock cut out. A particularly special wedding gift bestowed on this Great American Chimney couple, was the honor of building their very own Morsø 2B classic cast-iron wood stove to be installed in their home as a lasting reminder of their nuptial promises. With a hint of emotion in her voice, Debra declares - “I can truly say that fairy tale weddings really do happen”.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whimsical FEET Add Wit to Artful Morsø Fireside Accent Accessories

Every hearth and home should be functional yet full of humor,” notes Danish Art Icon Monica Ritterband. So she designed warm playful FEET into a new line of whimsical Morsø cast-iron fireside accent accessories.

  • FEET Log Carrier – Visual artist Monica Ritterband muses “imagine if your wood carrier could actually collect its own wood”. Inspired by this thought the “FEET” concept helps to breathe life and humor into her Morsø accessory designs.
  • FEET Fire Tools Set- “Made in high quality stainless steel- even the sounds made are reassuringly warm.
  • FEET Kettle- Designed to compliment its “FEET” line of hearth accessories, the Morsø kettle is the perfect companion for your wood stove. Crafted in strong, recycled cast-iron and decorated with amusing “walking warm” feet, this original kettle is a sure favorite.
  • FEET Trivet- Monica Ritterband uses decorative feet to add character and wit to the artful cast-iron Morsø Feet trivet. Both practical and whimsical this designer accessory is a truly unique find.
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Morsø also has a well-deserved reputation for fine Scandinavian design.

According to Ty Miller of Heat Wave, the Morsø retailer in Boulder, Colorado, "Most of our Morsø customers are attracted to it because of the styling. It's a more modern look. Then they also get the added warmth and efficiency as a bonus. A lot of people would rather get something they can feel good about in terms of the environment. In addition, it's competitively priced compared to other stoves with the contemporary, European styling."

Heat Wave: Heat Wave Stove and Spa is a local family-owned business serving Boulder for 20 years. With a philosophy of providing top quality products and excellent service, they offer stoves, fireplaces, spas, grills, and more. For more information visit or call 303-442-7980

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Ultimate “Green” Design Choice

It’s time to move from thinking green to acting green. What steps can you make in your home to minimize your very own carbon foot print, reduce fossil fuel use, lower your heating costs, and even enhance your home décor? A new Morsø high-performance wood stove may just be the right solution for your living space.
Keep in mind that when considering a wood stove purchase you want to follow “thinking green” criteria and only evaluate products with advanced wood combustion systems that when used as directed are an environmentally-sound heating solution. The stove manufacturer should clearly demonstrate a commitment to “green” values that support recycling, clean-burning technology, and company-wide conservation practices. Look for an eco-label, such as the Nordic Swan Eco-label that recognizes companies that are actively reducing their ‘environmental footprint’.

In many homes, wood may be the ideal heating alternative as it is a plentiful, renewable, non-fossil natural product and when used as fuel it is in effect ‘carbon-neutral’ meaning that the CO2 released when burning is being absorbed by the tree that has been replanted; in fact the same level of CO2 would have been emitted by a tree that had been left to rot naturally on the forest floor. When the use of sustainably-harvested, properly processed and seasoned wood for energy displaces the use of fossil fuels, the result is a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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Innovative Zone-Heating Style

Morsø is a great example of how original design fused with advanced engineering can introduce unlimited home zone heating possibilities. You can choose from a large selection of wood stove styles and sizes, which fit every lifestyle and design interest, whether you prefer antique, traditional, classic or modern.

No matter the size of your room, design preference -traditional, classic or contemporary- or lifestyle, you’ll be able to find the right cast-iron wood stove destined to become one of your most loved items of furniture in your home.

What size stove is best for me?
The size of your stove is essential to get full pleasure from your investment. In this respect, too large can cause problems just as too small can. A stove that’s too small will not be able to heat the room adequately. However, if you buy a stove that’s too big in relation to the room, you will be forever cutting the air supply to keep the room temperature down. As a result, combustion will be incomplete and soot will quickly build up on the window and in the chimney. Not only that, the quantity of soot particles you emit into the environment will be disproportionately higher. Next to each of the stoves in this Morsoø catalogue, you will be able to see what room sizes they suit best. The room size is a guideline, as it can depend on the design and insulation etc. of the premises.

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