Friday, June 24, 2011

Versatile 3610 a North American Favorite

A beautifully designed stove with clean lines, the Morsø 3610 wood stove was developed specifically for the North American market. The largest wood stove in the Morsø collection, the 3610 puts out 60,000 Btu and heats areas up to 2,400 sq ft.

The Morsø 3610 radiant wood stove is ideal for rooms with cathedral ceilings that require a radiant heater for effective and efficient heating. In addition, this stove’s large double doors make it perfect for heating large rooms.

Installation is versatile with a reversible 6” flue collar, standard rear and bottom heat shields, and an optional outside air kit.

For additional flexibility, wood can be loaded into a Morsø 3610 wood stove from the front doors or through the easy-access side door. The large firebox accepts up to 24” logs and a specifically designed air channel helps burn the fuel as completely and efficiently as possible. The Morsø 3610 wood stove has two ash pans for convenient ash removal without manually shoveling out the ashes from the firebox.

To see Morso 3610 wood stove technical and installation details click here

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wood Stove Legacy Burns Clean at Tierra Wood Stoves in Taos, New Mexico

Located in the historic Southwest art colony of Taos, New Mexico, Tierra Wood Stoves sustains an uncompromising 30-year journey to sell the best - clean burning –stoves available.

When discussing stoves with founder and long-time operator Bob Bishop, you have no doubt that this hearth industry maverick has walked the walk and scoured the globe for the very best stoves. Accompanied by his son Jonah and sales extraordinaire Della, Tierra Wood Stoves has ridden the retail hearth store peaks and valleys with precision and keen determination.

Positioned at elevation: 6,952 ft, the town of Taos - pronounced taus - is located near the Native American Taos Pueblo village where burning abundant local wood dates back 800 years. Unlike other regions where hearth dealers need to sell the benefits of wood stove energy, customers seek out Tierra Wood Stoves because they want the very best wood stove.

While Tierra Wood Stoves sells many different products and brands, they have chosen to burn the Morso 3610 and display 10-12 Morsø wood stoves to demonstrate the wide range of Morsø stove sizes and styles.

You can visit Tierra Wood Stoves at 1519 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur
Taos, NM 87571or telephone 575-758-9880.