Friday, November 20, 2009

Texas Tech Students Install Morsø 3142 in Green Research & Design Sustainable Cabin

The College of Architecture at Texas Tech University is hammering home the importance of sustainable design and construction through a green research project that teaches architect students how to use sustainable technology.

The project involves the construction of a prefabricated self-sustaining cabin, complete with a Morsø wood stove, to be used as a laboratory to test and quantify sustainable architectural concepts, and to help future architects make key design decisions.

Texas Tech students, Lance Roberts and Andrew Taylor, install a stove chimney for the Morsø 3142 in the sustainable cabin.

Associate Professor, Urs Peter Flueckiger specifically asked Morsø to participate in this experiential learning opportunity because he’d experienced Morsø’s energy-efficient preformance first-hand, in his home where a Morsø 8140 stove warms his family.

Morsø donated a 3142 model wood stove to this educational initiative because this project teaches ‘thinking-green’ values and demonstrates natural energy alternatives to the next generation of architects.

The Morso 3142 wood stove will be installed in the Texas Tech sustainable cabin to be located at the Pease River Foundation in Crowell, TX.

This Texas Tech sustainable cabin is approximately 400 square feet and it is very well insulated. It is loosely based by David Henry Thoreau, who used second-hand building materials and components.

When it's finished at the end of this year, the cabin will be set in Crowell, TX. A small town about 155 miles east of Lubbock. The Pease River Foundation, which owns the land, has granted Texas Tech students access the cabin to monitor its performance in "the real world". The location has an abundance of Mesquite trees. An excellent fuel source for Morsø 3142 cast-iron stove.

Detailed project information is available at: