Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Memorable Morso Wood Stove Moments

Photo caption:
This charming picture of a Morso 3450 wood stove with natural soapstone sides was taken in the Eisler home in New Hampshire.

“THANK YOU! We purchased a Morso 3450 with the soapstone sides last fall and have used it everyday. We are heating a 2800 sq. ft. home with it. We keep the gas heat thermometer set at 55°F and it just doesn't come on. It is the center of our home, lovely to look at, wonderful to watch, and like a warm hug constantly......” Susan Eisler, New Hampshire

As you can see from the warm note above, a Morso wood stove shares more than just heat. Like Susan, many Morso stove owners find themselves describing their favorite cast-iron stove like a good friend, a trusted source of comfort that is loved for its sound, look, and warmth.

There are also specific features that attract and inspire Morso owners. For some it’s the original design, others like the wood stove’s green-friendly impact and the fact that they are created from 98% recycled cast iron. However, with out a doubt, most owners love to talk about the efficiency and heat output of their Morso cast-iron wood stove and the pleasurable experience that it brings to their home, cottage or camp.

About the Morso 3400-series
We designed the 3400-series cast iron wood stoves together with the well-known English design company, Queensbury Hunt Levien, retaining the classic Morso lines and stylish look, while also integrating an advanced combustion system. The wide door with large stove lass provides a wonderful view of the flames, helping to create both mood and heat in the home. The stove is available with smooth convention panels or beautiful natural soapstone.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thinking Green 2011

In this new year with glowing possibility, Morso Energy Efficient Wood Stoves will carry on its tradition to handcraft high-quality cast iron products using 98% recycled material, while also working to surpass strict environmental standards and improving efficiencies with conservation-driven actions.

Thinking Green MISSION
With everything we do- from manufacture to delivery- we consider
our environment and new ways in which we can further
carry out recycling, conservation, and sustainable practices.