Monday, August 17, 2009

House-warming European Appeal

Because “warmth” is a valued quality that can be felt and shared with others through actions or home décor choices that exude
a special sense of comfort and harmony, Morsø has spent 156-years creating timeless, handcrafted Scandinavian-designed wood stoves that fuse inspired design with advanced engineering.

By installing a high-performance cast-iron wood stove, you can add European style to your kitchen or family room while enjoying a panoramic view of the flames and optimal heat distribution.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Morsø’s New Signature Collection: Monica Ritterband 7600 Wood Stove Series

Monica Ritterband is one of the most popular cultural icons of Denmark. She posses a truly extraordinarily creative mind that allows her to express herself, successfully, through paintings, sculptures, illustrations, and now contemporary Morsø cast-iron stove and accessory designs for the new 2009 Morsø 7600 series.

Voted Danish artist of the year four times in different contexts, Monica Ritterband’s unique art works ranges from miniature glass mosaics to enormous steel sculptures, which adorn public squares, parks and shopping centers. She has had feature exhibitions at many prominent cultural centers, including Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store and museum, Frederikshavn Art Museum, Esbjerg Museum, and The Women’s Museum in Denmark.

For Morsø, Monica Ritterband applied her elegant and refined, yet simple and direct style to a new eco-wise, cast-iron Morsø stove collection that includes the wall-fit Morsø 7670, pedestal Morsø 7648, and curvaceous 7644 & 7642 models. She also designed stunning cast-iron accent accessories, including a tea kettle, trivet, wood cradle, and fire tools.

World-renowned designers to create timeless Morsø stove designs

Morsø has a history of working with well-known artists, including Kaare Klint, Knud Holscher, and Bernadotte to infuse new inspiration into the classic wood stove, however the collaboration with visual artist Monica Ritterband involved both art and design, which is a company first.