Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Tidings


As we look back over this economically challenging year, we are both relieved and pleased to find our Morso USA & North America glass quite full of good tidings that strengthen and empower the Morso brand and our extended network of retail hearth dealers.

To start, we have recently expanded our US family with the addition of sales representatives Rodger and Joe Holland from Holland & Hearth. This highly motivated father and son team cover Iowa, Wisconsin, the upper peninsula of Michigan, Minnesota, as well as North and South Dakota. What's more, six new dealers have joined the fold! Please join us in welcoming the following dealerships: Method Homes, Seattle WA, Patio and Hearth Co, Albuquerque NM, Rich's Portable Cabins, North Powder OR, Mountain Home Stove & Fireplace, Steamboat Springs CO, Abb Stove LLC, Salem OR, and American Home Fireplace & Patio, West Salem WI.

Another impressive accomplishment this year is the success of our Danish Dealer Trip. In August, thirty high-achieving dealers and sales representatives traveled to the Isle of Mors to experience what sets Morso apart - high quality standards, responsible green manufacturing practices, and dedicated craftspeople.

Last but not least, a recent HPBA hearth industry report revealed that unlike other wood stove manufacturers, Morso is holding strong and bucking a downward sales trend. This staying power can be attributed to many passionate people:

 Craftspeople in Denmark who build our high-performance cast iron Morso Energy Efficient Wood stoves.

 Dedicated dealers and sales representatives who bring Morso wood stoves to large and small communities all across the USA and in Canada.

 Our first-class TN-based customer service and management team.

 Loyal Morso wood stove owners who recommend Morso wood stoves to friends, family and clients, who blog about their warm experience, and share Morso wood stove tips via social media.

We are very grateful that our Danish-designed energy efficient wood stoves continue to be warmly received and look forward to continued success in 2012.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hold the Key to Eco-Wise Wood Stove Efficiency

What’s nice about a wood stove is that you can burn many kinds of naturally cut wood to take advantage of your local resources. However, your preferred wood choice must be not be too green, it has to be dry enough to be deemed well-seasoned, with a moisture content of 16-20%. To be precise you may want to purchase a digital moisture meter.

The key to wood burning success is planning. Before you strike a match, learn how to maximize heat output in an environmentally-friendly manner by watching this easy-to-follow wood quality educational video.

You should also schedule your wood delivery in advance to dry out during the warm summer months. If you are collecting fallen limbs and branches from your property, move them to a dry well ventilated location. Look up the required log length and size in your user manual before cutting, and split to a thickness of no more than 4”.

Be sure to stack and store your wood under a cover in an airy place for 9-18 months. Soft woods may actually take as little as one good hot summer to properly season, whereas harder woods, such as oak and maple, take longer.

Never, ever burn waste materials such as cardboard packaging, glossy magazines, or waste wood that has been painted or treated in some way. These wood by-products are likely to contain chemicals that are harmful.

All five Morsø educational videos are conveniently available on YouTube or Facebook.