Friday, May 21, 2010

Consider Morsø as Your “Organic Section” When Shopping For a Wood Burning Stove

Imagine for a moment your hearth or green supply store is much like the vegetable section of your supermarket. You have many varieties of fresh products; you may even have two or three choices of the same product. However, your preferred high quality, unmodified favorites are located in the “Organic Section”.

Now consider Morsø as your “Organic Section” when shopping for a wood burning stove. Like any organically grown product, it’s always wise to read the label. When it comes to wood stoves and the environment, you’ll find that Morsø has gone the extra mile to produce the highest quality and energy efficient wood stove, possible. Recycling initiatives and dedicated crafts people make sure that the Morsø ingredients in every stove are environmentally friendly, durable; and they have certainly not been “modified" to meet a particular price.

Nevertheless, when it comes to a clean and safe environment, the user must also make certain that they operate the stove correctly. When a Morsø stove is used as recommended, you should not see smoke from the chimney.

In order to avoid unwanted smoke, you need to follow these fundamental steps:
  • Make sure your chimney is the correct size in relation to the stove. A good chimney draw is essential for optimum combustion. 
  • Never burn waste, cardboard packaging, printed matter or wood that has been painted or in some other way treated
  • Make sure the wood is clean and dry. Moisture Content of max 16-20% gives the best and cleanest combustion (and also less soot on the glass...)
  • Never overfill the stove and avoid using oversized pieces of fuel.
  • Oxygen is extremely important for maintaining clean combustion and good fuel economy. Before the wood carbonizes (reaches the charcoal stage) always provide adequate oxygen.
    • Never fully close the primary air immediately after adding fresh fuel. When extended burn periods are required, always ensure the fire is well established with a good bed of glowing coals in the firebox before closing the primary air.

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Morsø Keeps Cold Out With Promising Back-up Security

    Heating costs are typically the highest and most variable home expenses, which is why many homeowners are taking advantage of the tax credit to lower overall heating costs with energy- efficient Morsø wood stoves.
    Mother Nature has also given homeowners cause to add a supplementary heating source. When ice or snow downs power lines, homes with Morsø stoves are cozy and warm, with no worry of frozen pipes.

    With the introduction of two new Zero-Clearance Enclosures, almost any home can now enjoy high-performance and wood fuel independence. An excellent option for homeowners looking to update their homes with the advanced technology of a Morsø 5660 fireplace insert and class A chimney. Made in the USA, the Morsø 5660 Zero-Clearance Enclosure is designed to be framed into the home and when finished off properly leaves a clean, flat-wall appearance.

    Save money and don’t risk being powerless in the cold. Now is the right time to make this life-warming home improvement investment. Morsø has a large selection of compact, modern styled, cast-iron wood stoves.

    All Morsø stoves achieve high fuel efficiency through advanced wood combustion techniques. In the U.S. all Morsø stove models qualify for the IRS consumer tax credit of 30% (up to $1500) available for the purchase and installation of a 75% efficient biomass stove, available through the end of 2010.