Monday, March 28, 2011

Dynamic New Ownership Rejuvenates Portland, Oregon Dealership

Photo: Sherry Woods owner of Homestead Stove Company

Homestead Stove Company [] in Portland, Oregon has been selling beautiful heat since 1977, and is now in the midst of exciting changes. Coming off a banner 2010 sales year, this thriving wood stove and English fireplace business was acquired in February by Sherry Woods, a trusted employee and friend to long-time owners Carl and Gail English.

With a passion to carry on the beautiful heat mission that makes customers feel good and equipped with 20 years retail hearth experience, Woods is ready to take this flourishing business to the next level.

Understanding that 95% of her new customer-base has researched wood stoves on the internet, Woods has set the wheels in motion for a website upgrade and social media presence. While her virtual store gets remodeled the retail location is chock full of Morso wood stoves so that these web savvy explorers can see, touch and compare. Woods explains, “We display practically every Morso wood stove available to give our customers face-time with a wide choice of stove sizes and styles”.

A definite advantage of doing business in one of the nation’s greenest cities is that her customers highly value energy conservation and as a result Morso wood stoves and fireplace inserts are top sellers. “Many of my customers are looking for a small stove to fit into 100 year old historic homes or to supplement the primary furnace with wood zone heating”, notes Woods. “The Morso 1410 and 1440 squirrel stoves are very popular here, along with the 6100-series stoves.”

Since taking the helm, after working at Homestead Stove Company for three years, Woods is charting an ambitious course that includes reaching out to the areas business community through membership in civic organizations and networking activities, in addition to jumping into the online social media mix with a Facebook page and likely a blog. Woods also plans to promote her business and products at fairs and home improvement events.

We congratulate and welcome Sherry Woods to our extended Morso dealer family, and look forward to continuing success at the Homestead Stove Company.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tax Credit Extension Gives an Extra Green $$ Incentive to Purchase a New Morso Wood Stove

With our US wood stove and fireplace insert models qualified for the IRS consumer tax credit, Morso Energy Efficient Wood Stoves, along with our large network of authorized dealers, certainly welcome the Federal Bio-Mass Tax Credit extension that provides a 10% tax credit up to $300 for the purchase of a new biomass heating appliance in 2011.

This tax credit extension was part of the $858 billion tax package that President Obama signed into law on Friday, December 17. By extending this tax credit, Congress signaled its support of the renewable fuel industry.

The 2011 Federal Bio-Mass Tax Credit now includes a 10% consumer tax credit (up to $300) for the purchase of 75%-efficient bio-mass burning stoves (i.e. energy efficient Morso wood stoves or fireplace inserts).

To qualify for the tax credit the following criteria needs to be met:

• The credit is for biomass heating appliances, including wood stoves, pellet stoves, pellet inserts, and wood-burning fireplace inserts.
• The appliance must be installed in an existing primary residence, not a new house or rental property.
• The stove or insert must have a minimum efficiency rating of 75% as certified by the manufacturer. All US Morso Energy Efficient Wood Stove models qualify.
• The appliance must be an EPA approved biomass stove. All Morso wood stoves are approved by the EPA.

While this Tax Credit can be applied to the purchase of a wood stove or fireplace insert, installation costs are no longer allowed. It is recommended that homeowners keep the manufacturer’s certificate and invoice from the installer to give to their accountant and keep for their records.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fluctuating Heating Oil Costs Propel Wood Stove Zone Heating

Europeans have traditionally used two or three home heating sources, while Americans opted for a single source heat. In response to renewed interest in sustainable energy, energy-efficiency tax incentives, and concerns related to increasing home heating oil costs, growing numbers of US and Canadian homeowners are adding high performance zone heating wood stoves to their primary and secondary homes.

This warming home-design trend can be seen in leading shelter and lifestyle magazine features with glowing Morso wood stoves - which are designed specifically as a secondary zone heating source to heat 800 to 1,400 ft” areas- photographed in historic farmhouses, modern seaside escapes, and cozy family homes across the nation and world.

No doubt, where one lives or retreats significantly influences the size and model of their stove or fireplace insert. Heating a 1000sq ft space in Maine is very different than heating a similar area in Texas or Georgia. Nevertheless, the house warming improvements and saving are what count. Wood stove owners who have selected a stove for zone heating, typically realize an energy cost savings of 20 -30%.

To determine the energy savings a hearth product can provide use the HPBA fuel efficiency calculator- click here