Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dealer Profile

Rich’s for the Home President Larry Chapman started his wood stove business in 1979 after receiving an encouraging business tip from his sister Ann. Thirty-one years later, his tiny wood stove shop has grown into five Seattle-metro stores selling woodstoves, hot tubs and outdoor furniture. Along the way, his wife Marianne, son Jon and daughter Jennifer became a big part of this thriving family business.

Now in there third season as a Morsø dealer Rich’s for the Home has both a newcomer’s brand perspective, as well as a seasoned hearth dealer experience. To learn more about this dealers wood stove marketing and promotions we talked with son Jon Chapman, who leads corporate operations.

Q: Describe your experience with the Morsø brand?
A: Three years ago we started with four Morsø stoves on display and have now increased inventory to over a dozen different models. We have been pleased with the Morsø sales and continue to have high expectations. In fact, last year we sold out of the 5660 fireplace insert due to high word-of-mouth referrals. This year we built the insert into displays at every location.

Q: How has the economy affected your business?
A: Fortunately, our wood stoves sales have been strong last year and again this year which has balanced out a decline in some of the other product lines. However, the economy has changed the way we market and promote our five locations and brands. We have eliminated some long-standing traditional advertising, such as the Yellow Pages, while ramping up e-mail and internet promotions.

Q: How are you using the internet to market your business.
A: We have a website, blog, and Facebook Fan page. In addition we use Twitter, banner ads, and pay-per-click advertising to increase brand awareness and advertise special offers.

Q: What advertising program do you currently have running? To increase Morsø brand awareness we have been running a TV spot for the last few weeks. I firmly believe that wood stoves are a must-see item so I opted for TV as opposed to radio. Also, in support our TV campaign Morsø US secured a wood stove feature and brand advertising in the September/October Northwest Living Magazine. Additionally, we are planning another “Last Chance for Fair Pricing” promotion, along with ongoing e-mail and internet campaigns.

A: We are also exhibiting 13 Morsø stoves in our 40’ x 80’ booth at the state fair this month. The Puyallup Fair is the largest single attraction held annually in the state of Washington, and ranks in the top ten largest fairs in the US. Over 1.3 million people will be attending this event.

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