Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Store Owner Cozies Up to Energy Efficient Morso 3112 Wood Heat

Photo Caption: Jennifer Casale relied on her Morso 3112 wood stove last winter after a spring flood sidelined her primary heating system.

Jennifer Casale is an environmental consultant, Founder & CEO of Nashville-based retail business The Green Wagon, LLC, and a very proud owner of a Morso 3112 cast iron wood stove. Living green is a passion that she lives and shares, starting with her very own “green wagon”, a1982 station wagon that runs on waste veggie oil.

While Casale bought her 3112 wood stove for the obvious environmental reasons, she didn’t intend it as a primary heating source. However, nature intervened in the spring of 2010 when a flood completely destroyed the AC/heating ductwork in her farmhouse.

“When I bought the Morso wood stove, I had no idea how much I would have to depend on it the next winter,” explains Casale. “As my only source of heat, my Morso 3112 stove kept me warm all winter! I'm in love!”

Casale point out that while she has chosen to fully immerse herself into the environmentally-caring green living lifestyle which includes heating my home with a Morso wood stove and driving a car that smells like French fries, everyone can take incremental steps to improve the environment such as shopping at local greens stores and reducing their fossil fuel use by using an energy efficient wood stove that burns local seasoned wood.

About The Green Wagon:

Described as a green general store, The Green Wagon in East Nashville stocks only environmentally-friendly products. About 70% of what the brick & mortar store carries is made in Tennessee. Buying local green products not only supports local producers, but also reduces the carbon footprint of the products.

In addition, all of The Green Wagon products will soon be available online. Once opened the online shop – - will be send online orders directly from the producer to the customer, cutting out any unnecessary shipping.

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