Friday, April 15, 2011

Honor Earth Day with Green Living Actions

Photo Caption:The Morso Team stands in front a modern geodesic dome exhibit that was created to demonstrate the company's “Thinking Green” mission.

Forty-one years after the very first April 22nd Earth Day, environmental concerns continue to surface while at the same time conservation initiatives that support recycling, renewable energy, and sustainable living have gained worldwide acceptance.

While it now seems easy to embrace household recycling because in many cities and towns collection is now nearby or even at the curb, other green action such as renewable alternative energy solutions are slowly gaining traction as homeowners are more willingly investing in energy efficient home improvement projects that will save money over time.

This wise big picture approach to conservation and sustainable living practices is shared by Morso Energy Efficient Wood Stoves. Long ago, we made a decision to always consider the environment and continually challenge ourselves to innovate environmentally-responsible combustion technology and handcrafted high-quality cast iron products, using 98% recycled material.

Today, in honor of Earth Day, we challenge you to come up with your own Green Action Check List so that we are all working together to protect our Mother Earth.

Below is our Green Action Check List:

• Energy Conservation: Morsø has successfully maintained energy consumption at the same level for many years, even though stove production has experienced significant growth.
• Utilize Recycled Materials: Morsø’s manufactures high-quality cast iron products using 98% recycled material. Just think, your new Morso wood stove might have once been a bicycle, or a lamp post.
• Use Renewable Energy: At Morsø’s Denmark production facility 80 % of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources, such as wind and Bio gas. In addition, the Morsø US headquarters in Portland, Tennessee is powered by 100% renewable energy, including bio fuel and wind, per agreement with their local energy supplier.
• Minimized Environmental Impact: For the last 8-10 years, Morsø stoves have gone through major engineering advances concerning the combustion chambers to burn more completely with low emissions. Today 90% of our US imported stoves are approved by the strict Washington State regulations, in addition to EPA.
• Generate Renewable Energy: Researchers estimate that, in total, wood may produce between three times and 10 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions per unit of heat than other energy sources. When the use of sustainably-harvested, properly processed and seasoned wood for energy displaces the use of fossil fuels, the result is a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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