Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fluctuating Heating Oil Costs Propel Wood Stove Zone Heating

Europeans have traditionally used two or three home heating sources, while Americans opted for a single source heat. In response to renewed interest in sustainable energy, energy-efficiency tax incentives, and concerns related to increasing home heating oil costs, growing numbers of US and Canadian homeowners are adding high performance zone heating wood stoves to their primary and secondary homes.

This warming home-design trend can be seen in leading shelter and lifestyle magazine features with glowing Morso wood stoves - which are designed specifically as a secondary zone heating source to heat 800 to 1,400 ft” areas- photographed in historic farmhouses, modern seaside escapes, and cozy family homes across the nation and world.

No doubt, where one lives or retreats significantly influences the size and model of their stove or fireplace insert. Heating a 1000sq ft space in Maine is very different than heating a similar area in Texas or Georgia. Nevertheless, the house warming improvements and saving are what count. Wood stove owners who have selected a stove for zone heating, typically realize an energy cost savings of 20 -30%.

To determine the energy savings a hearth product can provide use the HPBA fuel efficiency calculator- click here


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