Thursday, February 10, 2011

Morso 5660 Fireplace Inserts Deliver Real Warmth with Beauty

The hearth makeover trend is in full force with new and long-time homeowners looking to optimize the heat potential of their fireplace without losing the naturally beautiful view of the flames. As a result, dealers nationwide are reporting that the Morso 5660 fireplace insert has become a very popular – in-demand- wood stove option for homeowners looking to update their inefficient open fireplaces or replace an out-dated wood stove with an advanced energy efficient wood stove fireplace insert.

Rustic yet elegant, this mighty wood-burning fireplace can heat an area up to 2000 square feet. House-warming features include a convection system which ensures optimum heat distribution in the room, large combustion chamber that can take logs of up to 20”, and an outer ribbed to increase its surface area thereby increasing the effectiveness of natural hot convection.

Also, to avoid leaving homes without built-in fireplaces out in the cold, Morso offers the Morso Zero-Clearance Enclosure. Sold separately from the 5660 fireplace inserts and requiring the installation of a class A chimney, the Morso Zero Clearance Enclosure is available in two versions and is designed, tested, and approved for use solely with the Morsø 5660 Std & 5660 NA fireplace Insert models.

Design and function dovetail seamlessly in Morso’s 5660 fireplace wood stove inserts. To learn more about these high performing wood stove fireplace inserts visit

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  1. Kaminkassette (Fireplace insert) is a nice source to get an instant heat. It is also easy to install. I have also installed Morso 5660 Fireplace inserts in my house. I feel relaxed in winter by using it. Thanks for sharing