Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whimsical FEET Add Wit to Artful Morsø Fireside Accent Accessories

Every hearth and home should be functional yet full of humor,” notes Danish Art Icon Monica Ritterband. So she designed warm playful FEET into a new line of whimsical Morsø cast-iron fireside accent accessories.

  • FEET Log Carrier – Visual artist Monica Ritterband muses “imagine if your wood carrier could actually collect its own wood”. Inspired by this thought the “FEET” concept helps to breathe life and humor into her Morsø accessory designs.
  • FEET Fire Tools Set- “Made in high quality stainless steel- even the sounds made are reassuringly warm.
  • FEET Kettle- Designed to compliment its “FEET” line of hearth accessories, the Morsø kettle is the perfect companion for your wood stove. Crafted in strong, recycled cast-iron and decorated with amusing “walking warm” feet, this original kettle is a sure favorite.
  • FEET Trivet- Monica Ritterband uses decorative feet to add character and wit to the artful cast-iron Morsø Feet trivet. Both practical and whimsical this designer accessory is a truly unique find.
Click here to explore the many unique Morsø hearth accessories: http://www.morsoeusa.com/Accessories-495.aspx

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  1. Good review. I have never had any problems with pieces I have bought from this site. You should give them a go.

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