Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Ultimate “Green” Design Choice

It’s time to move from thinking green to acting green. What steps can you make in your home to minimize your very own carbon foot print, reduce fossil fuel use, lower your heating costs, and even enhance your home décor? A new Morsø high-performance wood stove may just be the right solution for your living space.
Keep in mind that when considering a wood stove purchase you want to follow “thinking green” criteria and only evaluate products with advanced wood combustion systems that when used as directed are an environmentally-sound heating solution. The stove manufacturer should clearly demonstrate a commitment to “green” values that support recycling, clean-burning technology, and company-wide conservation practices. Look for an eco-label, such as the Nordic Swan Eco-label that recognizes companies that are actively reducing their ‘environmental footprint’.

In many homes, wood may be the ideal heating alternative as it is a plentiful, renewable, non-fossil natural product and when used as fuel it is in effect ‘carbon-neutral’ meaning that the CO2 released when burning is being absorbed by the tree that has been replanted; in fact the same level of CO2 would have been emitted by a tree that had been left to rot naturally on the forest floor. When the use of sustainably-harvested, properly processed and seasoned wood for energy displaces the use of fossil fuels, the result is a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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