Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Now EASIER to Find Nearest Dealer

If you haven’t visited lately, then you may not know about the newest “Where to Buy!” dealer lookup that uses sophisticated zip-code search programming. This new dealer locator feature is supported by sophisticated web software that gives you access to the nearest dealer to your location so that you can evaluate your favorite Morso cast iron wood stove up close and in person.

Live in an area without a dealer within a 75 mile driving distance? Morso has also incorporated an online shopping option just for you. After reviewing the large choose of wood stove sizes, models, and designs you can order direct from and have your new wood stove delivered right to your door.

While visiting one of the many authorized Morso wood stove dealers across the USA and Canada to buy your new or replacement wood stove is ideal, all USA homeowners, even in states without authorized Morso dealers, can now buy a new Morso wood stove with 10-year warranty against casting and production defects.

Unlike home accessories that you often times buy impulsively to refresh and accent your home decor, a wood stove purchase is a long term investment that requires research, comparison, and how-to instructions. Understanding this learning curve, Morso frequently enriches with new content, such as educational videos, good advice, digital brochures, product manuals, and even an interactive photo tool that allows you to see a wood stove in your home.

We invite you to visit today.


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