Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NY Times Features Clever Cube House Heated by Morso 6148 Freestanding Wood Stove

Photo Caption: Home Designers Yumiko Foust Virant and Tom Virant with sons Wil and Andy

When it comes to good news the saying goes “it travels fast”. In our case, great news also travels long distances as a Morso friend in Denmark caught a glimpse of our Morso 6148 wood stove when reading the July 20th New York Times and sent us the Home & Garden feature - A House Built on Trust http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/21/garden/in-virginia-a-house-built-on-trust-on-location.html -written by Karrie Jacobs.

In Jacob’s home design article she describes the vision, architecture and construction of a sweet Charlottesville, Virginia cube house owned by Alison Threatt. Completed last summer, the house was designed and built by Tom Virant at Virant Design Inc and his Architect wife Yumiko Foust Virant at Virant Architecture Inc.

While just seeing our 6148 wood stove stand tall in this clever designer cube house was certainly a source of pride, we were still curious to learn how this highly skilled design team decided that a freestanding Morso cast iron wood stove was the best choice.

Fortunately, Asheville, North Carolina- based General Contractor Tom Virant took time between new construction projects to graciously answer our questions:

What prompted you to include a wood stove in this house? Our good friend and client Alison Threatt spent time in Canada and knew she wanted a wood stove in her home. In addition, I personally use a wood stove and recommend them to other clients who appreciate fire as a design element and want energy efficient heating.

Why did you choose a Morso wood stove? Honestly, we evaluated several different wood stove brands and found that Morso was highly recommended and had a wide chose of small freestanding wood stove models within our price range.

Is the Morso 6148 used for supplemental heating in the Charlottesville house? It is actually the primary heating system for this open, two-story home with 1,000 square feet living space. Radiant floor heating on the first level and a mini split ductless air/heat system with heat recirculation fan supplement the stove to keep the entire house warm in the most energy efficient and sustainable way.

To learn more about Virant Design visit http://virantdesign.com/home.html

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