Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today is a Good Day to Start Your Wood Stove Checklist

About now jumping into a cool lake, stream, or foaming surf is more likely to be top of mind, than ones chore list. Nonetheless, there are certain home improvement tasks that can be accomplished in a breeze.

First, if you own a wood stove and have not yet had your stove professionally cleaned, call your local hearth dealer or chimney cleaning company to schedule this important wood stove maintenance appointment today. Also, take stock of your wood pile. Do you have enough dry wood fuel to last the 2011—2012 cold season? If not, order soon to avoid waits come the chill.

Also, if you really want to sit back for a while, consider watching one or more of the five online Morsø educational videos that are available at , or YouTube. These videos are intended to encourage new or long-time wood stove owners to fully realize the renewable benefits of local wood energy in a responsible environmentally respectful manner, without beginner missteps or old-school methods.

Ø Choosing The Right Stove For Your Home.
Ø Installing Your Stove Correctly
Ø Wood & Storage
Ø Operating Your Stove Correctly.
Ø Stove Maintenance

Lastly and most importantly, we want to thank you for reading this Morso Energy Efficient Wood Stove blog. Please visit often and pass along the information you find valuable.


  1. Your wood stove may be running at low temperatures for many reasons. The most common of these are unseasoned or poorly seasoned wood. Wood that has a moisture content over 20% is usually considered too green to burn as it is hard to light and never burns as well as more seasoned firewood. The cold slow smouldering fire tends to give off sooty smoke which deposits on the glass.

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