Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Stove in your Home

Buying a wood stove is much like buying furniture. Future owners want to make sure they choose a model that accentuates their interior home design and lifestyle. To make the stove selection process easier, Morsø has incorporated an interactive virtual living room into our website. This new high-tech imagery tool allows you to see different stove styles, forms, and sizes in your living space.

To access this stove in your home virtual living room, go to:

Then follow the easy steps below:
  1. Upload your image - Take a digital picture of the area where you plan to install the new stove. For best results, set your camera on landscape mode. If you don’t have a digital image handy, Morsø has a choice of six inspirational room images.
  2. Choose your favorite Morsø stove – Find your favorite stove and play with the size and location. Just click on a stove and drag it into your room image. To adjust size, click the scale box above the room and slide the bar to make larger or smaller.
  3. Save Image or Print- You can save the image on your computer or print it out. If you want to change backgrounds, just click on the background box to be brought back to the six room choices provided.

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