Friday, January 23, 2009

An Introduction to Morsø Wood Burning Stoves

Morsø has 155 years of experience with the manufacture of wood-burning stoves and has always been at the forefront of developing new stove types. You can always find a Morsø stove which meets your specific needs in terms of design, size, stove type and output. Morsø stoves stand out from other stoves in a number of ways:

Due to the excellent properties of cast iron, Morsø is the only Danish stove manufacturer offering a 10-year warranty against casting and production defects.

Heating ability
Cast iron emits a constant and even heat. Morsø uses both the radiant and convection heating principles.

Parts are easily replaced, e.g., moving parts. Morsø guarantees that it will be able to supply spare parts for at least 10 years after a model is discontinued.

With everything we do - from manufacture to delivery - we consider our environment and new ways in which we can further carry out recycling, conservation, and sustainable practices.•


  1. I saw these stoves at the recent HBBExpo in Reno; the quality and design are second to none!

    The products are extremely clean burning and produce NO smoke!!

  2. My 3610 morso needs a part, after only 3 years of ownership, seems the fence that ho;ds the wood back from the glass broke off, it is only held on by one screw. Now I am looking for someone who can hook me up with parts. Can't seem to find anyone who sells parts for them.

  3. Hi Allison! Seems you are needing the front grate for the 3610. This part number is 44184900. Please note when ordering this part, the quantity needs to be specified (if you are needing both front grates or just one). You will need to order this part through one of our dealers. Please visit our website,, and then click on 'North American Dealers'. You will then need to click on your state to see a list of dealers near you. Hope this helps!!
    Leah Hodges
    Morso US LLC